SAFER Thursday lunch seminar: New partner Arriver

SAFER Thursday lunch seminar: New partner Arriver

25 May 2023 12:00–12:45
SAFER Office & Microsoft Teams

Welcome to a SAFER Thursday lunch seminar! At the SAFER annual meeting in March, Arriver joined SAFER as a new level 2 partner. In this seminar Annika Larsson will give us an overall introduction to the company and possible collaboration opportunities. 

New SAFER partner Arriver
Speaker: Annika Larsson, Arriver

Arriver is a software company with a long history in automotive safety, focusing on sensor perception and ADAS/AD features. We take a modular approach to full stack feature and function development, creating solutions up to level 3 and later additional sensing and control for level 4 automation. Since 2022, Arriver is a fully owned subsidiary of Qualcomm, the semiconductor company. We have a global presence with core development centers in Sweden, Germany, Romania and the United States, with our largest Swedish offices in Linköping and Göteborg.

During the lunch seminar Arriver staff will give an overall presentation of the company and discuss research needs related to testing, functional safety, and human behaviour.

All SAFER Thursday lunch seminars will be held at the SAFER office and online, via Microsoft Teams, exclusively for SAFER partners. Missing your invitation, please contact Mikael von Redlich.



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