Safety for Testing Autonomous Vehicles at Existing Proving Grounds

24 November 2021 13:30–16:30
Lindholmen Science Park Gothenburg

Safety for Testing Autonomous Vehicles at Existing Proving Grounds is the topic for an upcoming workshop November 24 that you are invited to!

Proving ground facilities around the world face a new challenge: how to include testing of autonomous driving (AD) vehicles into their normal testing practices. Today, the core component that keeps testing safe is a skilled, trained and experienced human test driver. However, many future self-driving vehicles will literally not have room to fit a human test driver. This workshop will focus on the monitoring of proving grounds to enable safe testing of manually and autonomously driven vehicles. We will present results from the ongoing Vinnova project ETAVEP gathered on the AstaZero and Hällered proving grounds. The workshop will be divided in sub topics:

  • Vehicle Test
  • Requirements
  • Safety Zone
  • Global and Local Monitoring

Workshop participants can try out the Safety Zone concept in hands on exercises and look at the ETAVEP vehicle prototype.
The workshop is hosted by:

  • Erik Frick, AstaZero
  • Johan Degerman, SafeRadar
  • Marvin Damschen, RISE
  • Anders Thorsén, RISE
  • Arvid Pearson, Volvo Cars

The workshop is a part of the annual Scandinavian Conference on System and Software Safety (SCSSS).

Malin Levin
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