Changing point of view: Exploring the impact of embodied cognition on AD design

Project manager
Henrik Svensson
2021-04-01 - 2022-06-10

The purpose of this pre-study is to contribute to a safer transport system by exploring new research avenues for the design of the increasing number of automated vehicles. This pre-study aims to explore how the embodied cognition (EC) approach can provide additional and alternative solutions for increased traffic safety on semi-automated vehicles. We suggest that EC can be defined into a theoretical framework for autonomous vehicles including drivers, passengers, other road users and infrastructure, a design tool, and tentatively and evaluation framework for the automotive domain. Four interactive seminars which bring together theory (and theorists) and practice (and practitioners) will be arranged. As a result from the seminars, a white paper in the implications embodied cognition has on automated driving functionality will be manifested based on the ideas presented in the seminars. Also, an application, going from theoretical to practical, exploring the discussed concepts from the final seminar will bridge the current gaps between theory/ method/ practice. An additional outcome us to build a network  for competence of benefit for Sweden.

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Project title: Changing point of view: Exploring the impact of embodied cognition on AD design
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Road user behaviour

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