1 June 2022–31 December 2023
Project manager
Ulrika Holmgren


In June 2020, SAFER started up a strategic initiative to build competence on how AI can be used as a tool, partly to facilitate and improve our research, but also to create solutions in the traffic environment that contribute to increased safety for road users. In parallel with the activities in SAFER’s AI stakeholder groups, Drive Sweden and AI Sweden started a project, AI Driven Mobility, with the goal to create a network of mobility and AI experts to establish a project portfolio to accelerate the use of AI in the mobility area for people and goods. SAFER has been leading the traffic safety focus group within this programme. We have in these two groups identified that AI has a great potential to enhance our research in many ways and we have a strong engagement and interest from the partners to continue this work. From these initiatives several project ideas have been generated and both pre-studies and projects have started. The project AI Driven Mobility will continue in a second phase, 2022-2024, and SAFER partners are invited to join.

The second phase of the project will consist of two closely connected building blocks; sub-groups for specific mobility areas, e.g. traffic safety, that SAFER will lead, and a closely connected competence programme. The extension of the strategic project AI Driven Mobility focuses on bridging the knowledge gap that exists between needs owners and AI experts by giving organizations and individuals representing different parts of society access to a unique competence programme and focus groups for project generation in AI for the mobility sector.

Project partners:

Asymptotic, Chalmers, CEVT, Conzens, Embedl, Halmstad University, Iboxen Infrastruktur Sverige AB, TÖY, Jönköpings kommun, Stadsbyggnadskontoret, Linköping Universitet, Lund Universitet, Malmeken, Malmö Universitet, RISE, Region Jönköping, Region Örebro, Schenker, Smart Eye, SSPA, Svanberg och Svanberg, National Road and Transport Research Institute, Trafikverket, Technolution, Tekniska Högskolan i Jönköping, The Train Brain, Univrses, University of Borås, University of Skövde, Viscando, Voi Technology, VCC, Volvo Group, WSP, Västtrafik, Zenseact, ÅF, Örebro University


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Drive Sweden (Vinnova, Energimyndigheten, Formas)
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