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A major challenge in the development of future traffic systems and vehicle safety technologies is to be able to carry out tests in a real environment, which gives reliable results in all possible weather conditions and that also is repeatable....
In 2021, 210 people were killed on the Swedish roads. That is more than half the number compared to twenty-five years ago. The traffic safety efforts have had an effect, but further work is required to reach our national targets.
Under the leadership of the Swedish Transport Administration, 33 authorities and other valuable actors have joined the national Action Plan for safe road traffic 2022–2025. SAFER is one of the contributing organisations. “The strength of the Action plan is that...
SAFER’s recently concluded pre-study “Virtual reality interactions with autonomous vehicles”, has developed into an approved FFI project; Advanced Virtual Development Methods for evaluating Communication of Automated Vehicles and Vulnerable Road Users.
Today Ron Schindler successfully defended his doctoral thesis "A Holistic Safety Benefit Assessment Framework for Heavy Goods Vehicles". SAFER wishes you all the best and good luck in your future career!
We share our upcoming collaboration opportunities and events and gibe you an update regarding new partners and projects! Happy reading!
Do you have a traffic safety research idea that you would like to develop together with SAFER partners? We have an opportunity! Funding will proactively stimulate project generation with several SAFER partners involved to maximize the benefits of our multi-disciplinary...
We are pleased to welcome Balázs Kulcsár, Electrical engineering at Chalmers University, as new Board member of SAFER! Balazs is in the research group Automatic Control at the Department of Electrical Engineering. His research mainly focuses on design of intelligent...
Anna Carlsson has been appointed the new director of Revere, SAFER's connected laboratory for vehicle research.

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