Rumble stripes and bumps are popular with lawmakers and despised by cyclists. MeBeSafe has found that solely visual nudges have much better effects on speed and spouts a universal approval by cyclists.
We are proud to announce that Dr Nils Lübbe, Director of Research at Autoliv, today received the prestigious U.S. Government Special Awards of Appreciation.
Newsletter for our nudging project MeBeSafe is out! Welcome to read more about the latest results and activities ongoing within this exiting project.
Making a truck completely self-driving is not easy. But SAFER's researchers are working hard to make this possible by gathering data to better understand and “train” the automated systems of the future to drive safely. The purpose is to reduce...
Welcome to read our latest newsletter!
SAFER hosted the third face-to-face project meeting for the SAFER associated EU Horizon 2020 research project "OSCCAR - Future Occupant Safety for Crashes in Cars" during May 20-22, 2019.
SAFER' Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre at Chalmers has been commissioned by the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation to carry out a survey of possible deficiencies in how well today’s crash test dummies represent the population as a whole.
A new report from open research at AstaZero has been published. This study intended to create a better understanding of the perceptual and cognitive processing occuring when the driver detects that the vehicle is no longer steering along the intended...
SAFER has since 2014 coordinated the Swedish activities regarding traffic safety in the European research framework programme through the platforms TS Europe and TS Europe 2. Vinnova has now approved an application for a final phase of this activity, with...
Now we are finally back in order after the water leakage and the subsequent restoration. All office spaces are now restored and there is plenty of room for meetings and individual work. Welcome to us!

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