Welcome to read our newsletter for August, containing details for the first knowledge sharing activities after the summer holiday as well as the new artifical shoulder that can help improve traffic safety. Meet also our next floor manager Mikael Von...
Warm welcome back to SAFER after a hopefully nice and relaxing summer! We look forward to a new period of fruitful collaboration, interesting meetings and new rewarding knowledge. This spring, 35 partners signed a five-year agreement on continued joint vehicle...
For the first time, one of the world's leading symposiums in rail traffic and road transport is being held in Gothenburg. Between 12 and 16 August, researchers and engineers from academia and business will meet to discuss the future of...
The special issue with papers from the 6th International Conference on Driver Distraction and Inattention (DDI2018) in IET Intelligent Transport Systems has been published.
Progress has been made in the SaferAfrica projekt and there are some interesting results available online.
The European Commission – DG Move - has published a Staff Working Document titled “ EU Road Safety Policy Framework 2021-2030 – Next steps towards “Vision Zero ” which includes details as to how it intends to put its Strategic...
SAFER is an active and contributing part in the Swedish Vision Zero network. The network consists of actors from authorities, organisations and companies that all play an important role in, through collaboration, increasing the involvement and responsibility in achieving the...
A new important body part to crash test dummies has been develped; a shoulder.
We welcome Per Andreas Langeland and Niklas Strand as co-drivers to SAFER's Research areas!
Welcome to read our enwsletter for June and July!

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