7th International Conference On Traffic And Transport Psychology (ICTTP) Welcome to ICTTP2020 which will be held in Gothenburg on August 25-27, 2020. Hosts are VTI...
Lindholmen Science Park, Lindholmspiren 3-5, Gothenburg, Sweden
25 August 2020 10:00–27 August 2020 19:00
The 6th International Conference on Driver Distraction and Inattention (DDI2018) will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden, during October 15-17, 2018. The conference features keynote speakers,...
SAFER, Lindholmspiren 3, Gothenburg
15 October 2018 09:00–17 October 2018 15:00
Welcome to attend the public defence of Peter Nilsson's PhD dissertation, entitled "Traffic Situation Management for Driving Automation of Articulated Heavy Road Transports -From driver...
Chalmers, Hörsalsvägen 8, sal HB2, Gothenburg
10 October 2017 10:15–13:00
Welcome to attend an interesting seminar about Traffic safety with history and culture in mind! The idea is to break different perspectives against each other...
Chalmerska huset & Vasa (see program!)
5 October 2017 17:00–6 October 2017 17:30
On October 5th we invite anyone at Chalmers or the University of Gothenburg who is using, or want to be using, visualization in their research...
Visual Arena, Lindholmen
5 October 2017 09:00–16:00

Safer – Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre

SAFER is the open innovation arena where researchers and expertise work together to create safe mobility. Our traffic safety approach covers people, vehicles and the infrastructure – and together we contribute to safer road transports and smarter, more sustainable cities.

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