Data management in L3Pilot now in place – SAFER hosts the dialogue

For 2 days, the L3Pilot partners have been on SAFER to discuss data management tools.

L3Pilot is a common European venture to evaluate the potential of 23 different features of self-driving cars, as well as investigating the drivers’, and drivers in surrounding vehicles, attitudes towards these cars. L3Pilot aims to demonstrate how self driving cars work in realistic environments, identify remaining technology gaps, affect different relevant policies, and raise awareness about the technologies potential to different stakeholders. The result, and the processes developed as a result of the project, will help support the introduction of self-driving on the market. 11 countries, 100 vehicles and 1000 drivers participate in the project.

During the project meeting data acquisition and data management within sub-project 5 called "Pilot tools and data" were discussed. 21 persons from 14 partners (among them representing 9 OEMs and first tier suppliers) within the project participated in two packed days of discussions on the development of tools and management of data later collected in the project. The work includes handling of large volumes of raw data, a within the project common data format, a data processing framework for derived measures, performance indicators and data quality, and tools to support manual and automatic video coding.
The activities in the sub-project are now targeting the first delivery of tools to support the pre-pilot work package (led by Volvo Cars) starting in the early autumn. The actual pilots are planned to start in 2019.

The meeting was rewarding and Helena Gellerman, SAFER's infrastructure manager for the area commented:
“Within the project we have now decided on a common data format. This means that we will be very effective in our work by allowing all OEMs to log data in whatever tool they want and then convert to a common tool for analysis”.

Helena Gellerman
Helena Gellerman, SAFER's project leader for L3Pilot


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