Important (Viktigt!) SAFER project VICTIg has been finalised

The successful SAFER project VICTIg - Vehicle ICT Innovation Methodology - has now been finalised after five years of research. The project has been aiming to find methods for efficient development and test of the software intense ICT functions that enables active safety functions for automated and assisted vehicles. Three conference papers, one journal paper, and one licentiate thesis have been published in the project.

The project used on-board sensors and exchanged information via wireless communication. Several state of the art tools such as VTIs advanced driving simulators, models of the road environment and the human driver interface as well as models of sensor data and communication disturbances was used in the project.

Some of the research questions that have been worked through in the project:

1. How to develop, test and evaluate new cooperative traffic safety functions in a structured and efficient manner.
2. How to perform testing and get sufficient test coverage by simulation of cooperative driving situations.
3. How to choose and repeat cooperative test scenarios/cases to limit their number and still get an accurate safety evaluation.

The project have been run by Halmstad University and VTI. Read more and find the publications here:


Use cases related to platooning have been evaluated in the project.
Use cases related to platooning have been evaluated in the project.

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