Safe mobility on a bicycle for sustainable aging (SÄMO) – a new important project in SAFER’s project portfolio

Getting more people to cycle, and make cycling safer, is a suitable measure for sustainable mobility, fully in line with the UN's sustainability goals. In SAFER's new associated projects - SÄMO - special attention is given to how to get older people to maintain their mobility through cycling.

The goal is to identify factors that make the elderly choose the cycle before other means of transport to a greater extent. The project will also contribute to marketing of bicycles that are better adapted to the needs and conditions of the elderly, for example an electricity assisted tricycle, and to spread knowledge to increase safe cycling for the older group and attract new users who do not ride today. The project Safe mobility on a bicycle for sustainable aging (Säker mobilitet på cykel för ett hållbart åldrande - SÄMO) will recruit older people still biking, and not biking anymore. The recruits will evaluate three different type of bicycles at Stora Holm proving ground; one classic bike, one two wheels pedelec and one sneaker. Then a group discussion will be conducted to study older people needs and willingness to bike. Consumer recommendations will finally be published on-line.

Tests at Stora Holm – NTF’s research resource
One of SAFER's new partners for the next stage, NTF Väst, is also involved in the project. Malin Lundgren, Director at NTF Väst says:
“We at NTF Väst are looking forward to contributing to safer cycling for the elderly. It is also exciting that the project carries out the practical tests at our test facilities at Stora Holm. Here you can do much more than just practice ice driving as a part in your driving licence education. Since last autumn there is, for example, a GPS-mapped driving loop that can be used for tests. The course is only 15 minutes from SAFER at Lindholmen and we are happy that more of SAFER's partners can use Stora Holm for research”.

SAFER and NTF Väst have held seminars and conferences together for several years and have a well-developed collaboration in terms of knowledge dissemination related to traffic safety. The fact that NTF Väst is now entering as a partner gives the opportunities to further develop the cooperation.

The project will be carried out within the Research area Road user behavior. There are only SAFER partners in the project; Chalmers, Cycleurope, VTI, TriVector and NTF. The Financer is Skyltfonden Trafikverket.


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