SAFER conducts a pre-study to create a national centre for Artificial Intelligence

In November, an opening of an international centre for Artificial Intelligence, Data & Factory Arena, is being planned at Lindholmen in Gothenburg. The aim of the center is to get Sweden up to the global stage in research within AI. SAFER Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre, with its over ten years of knowledge building on the collection, analysis and management of very large amounts of traffic data, will lead one of the pre-studies to the centre, "The data factory".

The collaboration platform will provide a broad spectrum of industry, academy and public administration and healthcare professionals the opportunity to establish a national arena with a "data factory " to accelerate AI-related research and innovation. In addition, the Centre will focus on creating collaborations with strong players internationally.

The pre-study will begin in August and is expected to end in late November. SAFER's director, Magnus Granström, comments on the project:
"It is undoubtedly a prestigious project we now have got the opportunity to lead. I think and hope that our knowledge in the area will be well-suited and we look forward to being a member of creating the AI Centre, which can be an important cornerstone of Sweden's traffic safety development”.

Automated and connected vehicles can help to make the traffic environment safer. In addition, if you can create intelligent and self-learning functions, development can be accelerated further. One of the challenges of new technology and knowledge is the availability of large amounts of data and methods on how to handle it. In this, SAFER has an experience that can contribute to the development.

“SAFER has collected over 5 million kilometers of data from real driving from basically the whole world. Correctly used, this information could be used for virtual testing where future technologies, such as self-driving vehicles, can learn from real traffic situations”, says Magnus Granström.

The new AI Center will be located at Lindholmen Science Park and will be opened in late autumn 2018. The venue will be open to individuals and teams from the academy, industry and the public sector who conduct AI-related research and innovation activities. Vinnova is the financier and invests SEK 50 million per year for ten years to the new AI Center.

Magnus Granström
Magnus Granström, SAFER's Director

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