Active safety for bicycles using radar to prevent and reduce the impact in car-and-bicycle collisions

Project manager
Jonas Andersson
2019-02-01 - 2019-09-30

Project A-0037 within SAFER's Open Research at AstaZero Program. Test time and resources at AstaZero has been granted to RISE Viktoria for activities associated with the SEBRA project (

The purpose of the project is to help bring active safety to bicyclists by way of investigating how consequences of collisions between bicycles and other vehicles can be reduced using radar sensor technology mounted on bicycles. The project will use radar sensors developed for use on cars mounted on a bicycle.

Project goals: (1) To make data recordings of the dynamics of traffic scenarios from radar sensors mounted on a bicycle. (2) To make recordings of the position and velocity of the vehicles in the scenarios using AstaZero’s highprecision positioning instruments and tools. (3) To investigate what differences in radar-sensor data are caused by moving sensors from a car to a bicycle. (4) To investigate what is the quality of information that can be extracted from these data recordings. (5) To evaluate the difficulty to use radar sensors to predict that there is a high risk of collision, for each of the selected scenarios.

The results from this project will be: (1) Data representing vehicle dynamics and other objects in the world for the selected scenarios, from both the radar sensors and from AstaZero’s instruments. These data may be used to calibrate the bicycle radar sensor measurements, and for the design and test of a vehicle tracking algorithm for use on a bicycle. (2) A better understanding of how car radar sensors work when used on a bicycle.

One car and one bicycle will be used for the tests. Both the car and the bicycle will be handled manually. The bicycle and the car will both be equipped with AstaZero’s instruments for GNSS and inertial navigation measurements. Radar sensors designed for use on cars will be fitted onto the bicycle, giving a 360 degrees coverage.

For safety reasons, the car and the bicyclist will not be allowed to collide. Therefore, the car and the bicycle will enact the selected scenarios up until a carefully selected point where the scenario will be interrupted. The exact procedure and the point where the scenario is interrupted, for each scenario, will be developed as part of the project at AstaZero.

Tests will be carried out at the AstaZero City Area.

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Project title: Active safety for bicycles using radar to prevent and reduce the impact in car-and-bicycle collisions
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Systems for accident prevention and AD

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