Characterizing and classifying new e-vehicles for personal mobility

Project manager
Marco Dozza
2019-08-01 - 2020-08-31

The purpose of this project is to add to the understanding of how digitalization can impact the traffic system and how it can contribute to a sustainable society. The project will implement a new data-driven methodology to support infrastructure design and traffic regulations for new electric vehicles (e-vehicles) for personal mobility.

In this project, we will measure maneuverability, stability and comfort of new e-vehicles by leveraging on data logging equipment and protocols which we have developed earlier, to compare such vehicles with conventional vehicles like bicycles and electric bicycles.

The data that will be collected in this project can be used 1) to model and predict how new e-vehicles impact infrastructure and traffic safety, 2) to guide regulations of new e-vehicles, and 3) as a resource to guide e-vehicle development.

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Project title: Characterizing and classifying new e-vehicles for personal mobility
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Road user behaviour

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