1 April 2021-31 March 2024
Project manager
Mikael Ljung Aust

Full title: Improved quantitative driver behavior models and safety assessment methods for ADAS and AD

For efficient development of advanced driver support systems and self-driving cars, it is necessary to be able to assess their potential safety benefit during development. QUADRIS wants to improve three parts of the simulation-based process used for such assessments. First, we want to develop methods that ensure that the collisions simulated are representative. Second, we want to develop a validated driver model for run-off-road accidents. Third, we want to expand the driver modeling so that it also includes self-driving cars in the form of so-called reference-driver models.

Having the capacity to perform safe, fast and accurate safety benefit assessments for ADAS and AD during development will be essential for the Swedish automotive industry to stay competitive; and even more so when automated driving becomes a key determinant of brand success and competitiveness.

The project will run for four years, and the work is centered around the three doctoral students who will carry out most of the work. This includes both data collection, building simulation structures and doing modeling to the extent needed to meet the goals within each work package.

QUADRIS is the third project in a sequence of the SAFER associated projects QUADRA and QUADRAE

Short facts

Research area
Road user behaviour
Volvo Cars
Chalmers University of Technology
Volvo Group
Project type
SAFER connected project