Human factors related to remote control of automated heavy vehicles – a SAFER pre-study, including information about the next call for pre-studies

10 June 2020 11:30–12:15

Welcome to a SAFER webinar!

We will present the results from he first SAFER pre-study in our current stage; Human factors related to remote control of automated heavy vehicles. We will also inform you about the process and time schedule upcoming call for pre-studies at SAFER.


  • Linda Meiby, Technology Leader HMI, Scania
  • Azra Habibovic, Research area director for Road user behaviour at SAFER



Currently, most highly automated vehicles still require the presence of a human safety operator in the vehicle, and it is evident that automated driving without human “fallback” might be distant. On the other hand, having a human safety operator in the vehicle jeopardizes one of the major anticipated benefits of automated driving – productivity. To bridge this gap, stakeholders are exploring teleoperations technology, which enables highly automated vehicles to be remotely controlled if necessary. But remote control comes with its own challenges, both from a technical and human behavior perspective. In this seminar, Scania and RISE will present results of the SAFER-prestudy on potential safety challenges and research gaps related to human behavior in the context of remote control of heavy automated vehicles. These aspects have been somewhat neglected by industry and research community, and we hope that this seminar will stimulate more activities in the area. 


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