Lindholmen Open Day 2022

Lindholmen Open Day 2022

22 September 2022 09:00–16:00
Lindholmen Science Park (Gågatan and Älvrummet)

Welcome to Lindholmen Open Day September 22!

On the 22nd of September, Lindholmen Science Park will finally open up their doors and invite you to a physical Lindholmen Open Day! The event will once again include an exciting exhibition in Gågatan and short seminars at Älvrummet - all connected to this year's theme: Innovation - the way to a sustainable society!

Click the link below to see the complete agenda.

Welcome to SAFER's panel dialogue:

13:45 (Älvrummet) Road safety - an important part of Agenda 2030 – how do we approach the common challenges in practice?

Road safety is a matter of sustainability, with its own sustainable development target; 3.6. There are many synergies between road safety and other sustainability goals - what if we view road safety as a necessity to achieve other sustainable development goals, for example a more sustainable society, active mobility and improved health? This approach was one of the recommendations at the UN conference on road safety in Stockholm in 2020, to create momentum for traffic safety research by connecting to other actors and add new perspectives. In this panel dialogue SAFER will, together with its partners, discuss ways to strengthen the ties between road safety and other sustainability goals. How can this interaction and collaboration contribute to a more effective Agenda 2030 and a sustainable, more equal world?


  • Magnus Granström, SAFER (moderator)
  • Karin Svensson, Volvo Group
  • Peter Kronberg, Autoliv
  • Hanna Wennberg, Trivector



Mikael Von Redlich
redlich [at] chalmers.se