1 October 2020 11:30–12:30
Microsoft Teams

The topic for the seminar week 40 is the results from SAFER's project MeBeSafe. The project has investigated how the behavioral theory nudging can be used to unconsciously influence people to a safer behavior. The project, which has been ongoing for three years, is now concluded. Researchers from the project will share experiences and main results.

Nudging for traffic safety - experiences from the MeBeSafe project

MariAnne Karlsson, Ph.D., Professor, Head of Division Design & Human Factors, Chalmers University of Technology
Anna-Lena Köhler, M.Sc., Specialist Driver Behaviour at Institute for Automotive Engineering (ika), RWTH Aachen University
Pontus Wallgren, Ph.D., Associate Professor at Design & Human Factors, Chalmers University of Technology

MeBeSafe has introduced the concept of nudging to the traffic safety environment, but how do you actually design a nudge? Engage with researchers from MeBeSafe presenting their process and experiences from start to finish. You'll get to know more about MeBeSafe's nudging framework, the design process of the infrastructure nudging measures in the project, and the overall experiences from MeBeSafe.

This seminar is only open for SAFER partners and affiliates. Missing your invitation? Please contact Mikael von Redlich.

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