SAFER Research Day: Exploring traffic safety data openness and accessability

24 April 2024 09:00–13:00
Lindholmen Science Park, room Tesla, or online via Teams

Welcome to join our SAFER Research Day!

In this mini-conference, we will explore crucial considerations surrounding traffic safety data, focusing on usage, accessibility, bias and ethics. Join us for a comprehensive overview of available datasets facilitated by SAFER partners and our collaboration platform. Our expert presenters will lead discussions on important topics, including reflections on the openness and accessibility of data as well as on biases within datasets and ethical implications. Additionally, we will examine unexpected and innovative applications of these datasets in research.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and contribute to the ongoing dialogue on accessibility and data integrity in traffic safety research.


09:00-09:05 Introduction and welcome – setting the scene for the day

09:05-10:35 Expert perspectives: Use of, openness, bias and ethical considerations in traffic safety data

Welcome to this session where we will provide a clear overview of available datasets for research though the SAFER partners and the collaboration platform. Our expert presenters will delve into key questions, including:

  • Openness and accessibility of the datasets - who can access the data, for what, and what is the process to get access?
  • Biases in the datasets.
  • Ethical considerations associated with these datasets.
  • Unique and unexpected uses of these data for research

Short expert presentations with experts who will share their insights by reflecting on various datasets:


Use of in-depth accident data and scenario databases for enhancing road safety, Henrik Liers, VUFO

Henrik will briefly present different in-depth accident data sources (e.g. GIDAS, IGLAD, TASC) including application examples, advantages and limitations. Furthermore, he will talk about the rising numbers of scenario databases which are useful supplements to accident data.

The European Care database, Jordanka Kovaceva, Chalmers University of Technology

See more details about the database here.

Leveraging Insights from an insurance provider, Magdalena Lindman, If Insurance

Practical Applications, Usage, and Implications of Datasets, Christian Berger, University of Gothenburg

Chalmers Revere has been engaged in research collaborations over the past years. We will shed light on our experiences from planning datasets, conducting data collections to establish datasets, and facing the truth eventually.

Naturalistic micromobility data: opportunities and threats, Marco Dozza, Chalmers University of Technology
Marco will present some naturalistic datasets from e-scooters and bicycles that we are currently collecting and/or analyzing at Chalmers.

Data exchange platforms

Towards a common European mobility data space, reflections on the path forward from a transport system developer, Björn Pauli, The Swedish Transport Administration

DeployEMDS is a multi country-project that supports the European Union’s digital targets by deploying an operational data space through real-life implementation projects in nine cities and regions in the EU. The Swedish Transport Administration is a part of this project and will share their view on the European Mobility Data Space.

CCAM test data space, Erik Svanberg, Svanberg & Svanberg

Opportunities with streaming data, Johan Amoruso-Wennerby, Volvo Cars


10:35-11:00 Networking break – opportunities to meet at dedicated spots to discuss with the speakers

11:00-11:30 Panel Dialogue: Accessibility considerations in traffic safety data - Addressing usage, openness, bias and ethics

11:30-11:35 A Guide to research opportunities using the SAFER Data Catalogue

11:35-12:00 Data demands: Collaborative workshop on SAFER partners’ needs.

Join us for an interactive workshop aimed at understanding partner data needs and fostering connections between data providers and need owners. Through brainstorming and interactive activities, we aim to identify common requirements and priorities that will shape the future direction of the SAFER platform. Don't miss this opportunity to contribute your insights and address your needs.

12:00-12:10 Summary of the event

12:10-13:00 Networking lunch


Malin Levin
malin.levin [at] chalmers.se