SAFER seminar about Security and privacy issues in future connected vehicles

23 January 2018 13:00–14:30
SAFER, Lindholmspiren 3A, Demostudion

Welcome to the SAFER seminar “Security and privacy issues in future connected vehicles”.

We are pleased to have the opportunity to listen to Tomas Olovsson, Associate Professor at Computer Science and Engineering, Chalmers.Tomas has been working with computer security for more than 25 years and has been involved in many research projects together with Volvo Cars and Volvo AB in the last 10 years with focus on communications and security. He currently supervises four Ph.D. students active in vehicular privacy and security.

Today, lots of applications inside the vehicles need access to the outside world, they communicate with other vehicles, with the road-side infrastructure and to services on the Internet. The vehicle is very exposed and there are many ways to remotely interact and access functions in the vehicle. The vehicles need to be designed, from ground up, to withstand malformed and malicious traffic and actions from outside sources.

Securing the vehicle itself is far from trivial. Today's vehicles contain hundreds of ECUs connected over multiple internal networks and the total code base is 50-100 million lines of code. And these vehicles are not even close to being autonomous. Security work is complex and during the talk we will highlight some of the problems we face. This talk aim at giving insight into the complexity of securing the next generations of vehicles, what challenges we have and what possible countermeasures we can use. We will also touch privacy issues which need to be addressed in future generations of vehicles.

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13:00            Welcome and presentation
13:45            Q&A and dialogue
14:30            End of seminar

The seminar is available also via Skype, click the link below (you do not have to sign up to the event if you attend via Skype).


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