SAFER Seminar: Lund Universitet and their road safety research

28 September 2020 13:30–14:00
Online - Teams

Transport and Roads, Lund University, is a centre of excellence in Sweden for the study of sustainable transport. Their innovative multi-disciplinary teaching and research are internationally recognized and cover topics ranging from traffic safety and accessibility for older and disabled people to intelligent vehicles and automated traffic analysis. Lund University is in the process of partner up with SAFER and Aliaksei Laureshyn will give examples of some ongoing projects that are interesting and relevant to our research, as a base for future collaboration.

For Lund University, safety aspect is naturally integrated into the bigger perspective of sustainability that includes promotion of ‘green’ transport modes like waking, cycling and public transport, design of urban space that is attractive, liveable and feels secure, development of relevant transportation policies and their holistic evaluations.Transport and Roads plays an important role in K2, the National Competence Centre on Public transport, but also have extensive co-operations with the national Cykelcentrum as well as university departments of Architecture (environment psychology studies), Mathematics (advanced tools for traffic video analysis and data mining), Faculty of Medicine (active aging on feet/bike and inclusive transportation for people with various physical limitations).

One of their core competences within road safety domain is surrogate measures of safety (SMoS) – tools and methods for pro-active safety evaluations BEFORE accidents took place. Being the birthplace of the Swedish Traffic Conflict technique already in early 1980s, Transport & Roads keeps its leading role in the domain of SMoS, chairing international committees, developing the first SAE standard and organising regular workshops and conference special sessions on this subject.

Welcome to learn more and find opportunities for joint activities and knowledge sharing!

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