SAFER Thursday lunch and networking seminar with University of Skövde

17 October 2019 11:30–12:30
SAFER Lunch room, Lindholmspiren 3A, Gothenburg

Welcome to the SAFER Thursday lunch and networking seminar
October 17 at 11.30-12.30!


The Lunch & Networking seminar week 42 is hosted by SAFER’s partner University of Skövde


Anthropometrics and Driver Ergonomics

Speaker: Erik Brolin, Associate Senior Lecturer in Product Design Engineering, University of Skövde

The research group User Centred Product Design at the University of Skövde have for an extensive time worked with virtual ergonomics simulations for product and production development. During the last ten years, researchers at UCPD have together with Fraunhofer-Chalmers Centre developed the digital human modelling tool IPS-IMMA. Erik will present research results from previous projects, especially regarding anthropometrics and driver ergonomics. He will also discuss goals and aims of the upcoming ADOPTIVE project (Automated Design and OPTImisation of Vehicle Ergonomics) which intend to give results that could increase the collaboration between vehicle ergonomics and vehicle safety departments in the automotive industry.


Smart urban-mobility approach to car-parking

Speaker: Yacine Atif, Professor, Institute of Information Technology, University of Skövde

Roaming for parking contributes to hampering business and environment sustainability in urban cores today, while future autonomous vehicles are expected to free drivers from daunting activities, including parking. In both current and future cases, the search for parking should not exacerbate traffic in city centers. Cities, car manufacturers and parking-service providers need to take a step ahead to address current issues and get ready to anticipate future ones. Meanwhile, visibility over urban traffic and parking dynamics is brought by cutting-edge Internet-connected sensors and other device technologies that expose new sources of data. This Internet of Things (IoT) evolution could provide historical grounds for optimizing the outcomes of parking-related decision-marking processes, in order to improve sustainability indexes. We demonstrate this claim through a proposed IoT-based approach to cloud-based parking and navigation. The approach is shown to scale its predictive accuracy to the higher-end, as further parking resources are made available, while reducing transit duration.



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