SAFER Thursday lunch seminar: Swedish Electromobility Centre

SAFER Thursday lunch seminar: Swedish Electromobility Centre

26 January 2023 12:00–12:45
SAFER Office & Microsoft Teams

Welcome to the first Thursday lunch seminar for 2023! This session focuses on electromobility and battery safety. We will hear presentations from Linda Olofsson & Yang Li.

Swedish Electromobility Centre 
Speaker: Linda Olofsson, Director, Swedish Electromobility Centre

Linda Olofsson, director of the Swedish Electromobility centre, will present the centre's research on an overall level based on the centre's five theme areas. These themes range from component level in the vehicle all the way to the development needed in society for a full-scale implementation of electromobility.

A technical review of short circuit fault identification method for lithium-ion batteries
Speaker: Yang Li, Ph.D., Researcher, Automatic control, Department of Electrical Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology

We will review the current state of the art for lithium-ion short circuit fault identification. The key indicators for short circuits have been identified, and different methods developed to diagnose and prognosticate the occurrence of the short circuit will be compared. The findings provide important insight regarding how to enhance battery safety.
All SAFER Thursday lunch seminars will be held at the SAFER office and online, via Microsoft Teams, exclusively for SAFER partners. Missing your invitation, please contact Mikael von Redlich.


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SAFER Thursday lunch seminar