Traffic Safety, City Planning, and Social Justice:

5 October 2017 17:00–6 October 2017 17:30
Chalmerska huset & Vasa (see program!)

Welcome to attend an interesting seminar about Traffic safety with history and culture in mind! The idea is to break different perspectives against each other and also bring about a dialogue between academics and practitioners.


Thursday October 5

17:00: Opening of the symposium at Chalmers University of Technology Public keynote presentation by Professor Claes Tingvall. Venue Chalmers Campus, Vasa building, lecture hall Vasa A

18:30: Reception, entrance hall of the Vasa building

Friday October 6

Symposium, venue Chalmersska huset, Pelarsalen

8:00: Opening and introduction
8:30: Keynote: Ruth Oldenziel presents the new book Cycling Cities: The European Experience: Hundred Years of Policy and Practice
9:00: Panel discussion: Traffic Safety and Traffic Planning Shaping the Cycling and Pedestrian Mobility.

Chair: Anna Nilsson-Ehle (Chairman of Vinnova, Sweden’s Innovation Agency)
• Michael Koucky (Consultant in Sustainable Transport, Koucky & Partners AB)
• Maria Krafft (Director of Traffic Safety and Sustainability, Swedish Transport Administration)
• Malin Månsson (Cycling Strategist, Gothenburg City)
• Ruth Oldenziel (Professor, Eindhoven University of Technology)

10:15–12:00 Session: Traffic Safety Shaping the City

Chair: Arnaud Passalacqua
• M. Luísa Sousa: Past Futures: How Experts Envisioned Urban Mobility in the Twentieth Century
• Per Lundin: Safety in the Car City: The Swedish Case
• Gijs Mom: The Richer, the Safer: A Global Comparison

Comment from the Field: Pelle Envall (Trafikutredningsbyrån)

12:00: Lunch at the Chalmersska huset

13:15–15:00: Session: City Space and Pedestrian Tactics

Chair: Carlos Lopez Galviz
• Colin Pooley: The Pedestrian City: Historical Perspectives
• Tiina Männistö-Funk: 100 Years of Pedestrian Practices in the Changing Street Space
• Ann Legeby: Knowing Pedestrians (TBC)

Comment from the Field: Malin Andersson (Trafikkontoret, Gothenburg City)

15:00: Coffee

15:30–17.15: Session: Traffic Safety and Social Justice

Chair: Anna Dubois, Vice-President Chalmers Areas of Advance
• Geetam Tiwari (TRIPP Chair, IIT Delhi): Traffic Safety of Captive Cyclists: Mobility Justice in Indian Cities
• Haixiao Pan (Tongji University, Shanghai): Mobility for All? Mobility Justice in Rapidly Urbanizing Cities: The Case of Shanghai
• Peter Norton: History as Agenda Legitimation: U.S. Urban Mobility Trajectories

Comment from the Field: Claes Tingvall (Chalmers and ÅF)

17:15–17:30: Concluding discussion

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