Webinar: Vision Zero by Sweden - A Global Road Safety Program

11 June 2024 13:00-13:45

The Vision Zero by Sweden program aims to halve traffic deaths globally by 2030. With a rich history of road safety innovation, including the invention of the three-point seat belt in 1958, Sweden has been a pioneer in the field. Vision Zero, launched in 1995, shifted safety responsibility from individuals to authorities, leading to the development of safe road systems. Now, Sweden seeks to share its expertise worldwide through this program, leveraging Swedish competencies and collaborating with global partners to improve road safety on an international scale.

In this webinar, we will present what this program entails for stakeholders in traffic safety within the Swedish arena and the opportunities it offers. You will have the chance to meet and learn from Martin Jönsson and Andreas Rentner from Business Sweden. Martin will provide an overview of the program and its opportunities, and Andreas will deliver inspiring examples of how the initiative can be utilized – examples from Brazil.

Some examples of what we can expect from the program in a Swedish context include:

  • Achieving recognition as a world-leading road safety program, known for delivering tangible results.
  • Enhancing Sweden's status as a global leader in road safety, spanning policy, innovation, and implementation.
  • Boosting exports of Swedish road safety-related products and services, with successes in international projects and bids.
  • Generating a significant number of new jobs within the road safety sector.
  • Prioritizing road safety as a key focus area for the implementation of the Aid & Trade strategy.
  • Attracting a substantial influx of foreign direct investments into Sweden, particularly in the realm of road safety and mobility.

Registration: You do not have to sign up – just connect to the online webinar, see link here.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn about Sweden's pioneering role in road safety innovation and how you as a SAFER partner can benefit and contribute to this newly established program.



Malin Levin
malin.levin [at] chalmers.se