Welcome to Licenciate seminar with Christian-Nils Boda

25 August 2017 15:15–17:00
House: SveaRoom: GammaAddress: Forskningsgången 4Map: http://maps.chalmers.se/#153cf396-b248-402f-9ab2-eb4d1b92c7ed

You are most welcome to Christian-Nils Boda’s licentiate seminar with the title Driver interaction with vulnerable road users: Understanding and modelling driver behaviour for the design and evaluation of intelligent safety systems.

Every year, more than 5000 pedestrians and 2000 cyclists die on European roads. These vulnerable road users (VRU) are at especially high risk when interacting with motorised vehicles. Safety systems designed to mitigate or avoid crashes with VRU started to enter the market a few years ago and still need to be improved to be effective in all scenarios. Understanding how drivers interact with VRU is crucial to improve the development and the evaluation of safety systems. Today, however, there is a lack of knowledge about driver behaviour in interactions with VRU, which keeps active safety measures from expressing their full potential. This thesis has multiple objectives: 1) to provide new knowledge about driver behaviour in crossing interactions with VRU, 2) to present this knowledge to assessment programs such as Euro NCAP with the goal of improving their system-evaluation scenarios, and 3) to include this knowledge in a counterfactual analysis framework for safety-benefit evaluation.


Link to complete abstract: http://publications.lib.chalmers.se/publication/250519-driver-interaction-with-vulnerable-road-users-understanding-and-modelling-driver-behaviour-for-the-d


The discussion leader is Mikael Ljung-Aust, Technical Specialist at Volvo Cars Safety Center.



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