Women and men in traffic - are men more protected than women?

9 January 2020 09:00–10:30
Konsert & Kongress, room Musikalen, Linköping

At the upcoming annual Transportforum event in Linköping, January 8-9, 2020, which brings together the Swedish transport and mobility community, SAFER will host a session "Women and men in traffic - are men more protected than women?". Welcome!

People moving around in the in the transport system are of varying length, weight, muscle mass, age and gender. Everyone needs protection, whether in a vehicle or outside. As today's regulations are designed, half the population is excluded since many of the crash test dummies in use are based on a male body shape. We will in this session provide an updated picture of today's level of knowledge and discuss the question of whether existing legislation needs to be developed or supplemented so that the entire population can be considered to be represented in how crash tests are conducted. Is it the case that parts of the population are less protected than others, and is there a link to the design of the crash test dummies? SAFER's researchers will discuss whether it is the case that men may be more protected than women in traffic.


- Dagens lagstiftning för utvärdering av krockskydd – endast män,  Astrid Linder

- Är män mer skyddade än kvinnor i trafiken - vad visar olycksdata?  Anders Kullgren

- Olika kroppsbyggnader – varierande risker i en olycka, Mats Svensson, Anna Carlsson

- Vägen framåt för ökad jämställdhet: Vilka verktyg för jämställd trafiksäkerhet är under utveckling?, Mats Svensson

- Genusglasögon och rättvisesnöre på trafiksäkerheten, Hanna Wennberg

- Discussion

Malin Levin
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