Enhancing STRADA: Workshop on improving accident database quality and usability for research

22 May 2024 10:00-12:00
SAFER, Aldman (if you need, we can arrange with online attendance)

The STRADA database serves as a crucial resource for understanding Sweden's traffic accident research landscape. However, to continue driving advancements in safety, it's imperative to refine its quality and usability. This workshop aims to gather input from regular STRADA users in the SAFER community to identify areas for improvement. Through collaborative efforts, we seek to enhance the database's parameters, enabling better research outcomes and, ultimately, safer traffic environments.

This workshop offers an opportunity for stakeholders to collaborate on enhancing the STRADA database's quality and usability. By identifying and prioritising improvements, we aim to facilitate more robust research and contribute to the reduction of injuries and fatalities on Swedish roads.

This is an initiative from SAFER’s Working Group about Road Accident Statistics!

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10:00-10:05 Opening of the workshop

Introduction to the workshop objectives and agenda.

10:05-10:20 Overview of STRADA

Presentation by the Swedish Transport Agency on internal strategies and additional insights into the STRADA database by Tomas Fredlund.

10:20-11:05 Group work: Missing elements and improvement proposals

Discussion on needs, ideas for quality improvements and adding parameters to existing data fields, adding new fields.

11:05-11:15 Break

11:15-11:50 Prioritisation of identified needs and improvement proposals

Together, we discuss what is possible to implement now, and what could be future steps, which may require more effort.

11:50-12:00 Summary and next steps

12:00 End of workshop



Malin Levin
malin.levin [at] chalmers.se