Final Report

The Think Tank, an interdisciplinary working group operating within SAFER, has convened for a little over a year. Its mission is to delve into the potential of utilizing a road safety footprint as a conceptual framework for enhancing road safety.

This entails employing measurements and follow-up methodologies, seamlessly integrated into the systematic sustainability efforts, as well as looking into potential future research opportunities in the safety footprint area. SAFER partners involved in the Think Tank have been Autoliv, Folksam, The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), The Swedish Road Administration and Volvo Group. This last served as coordinator and leader for the project.  

This executive summary highlights the conclusions drawn from our collective deliberations over the project’s duration. The Think Tank's journey will extend into 2023–2024 promising further advancements in this critical domain of road safety research and implementation.


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