Security framework for platooning (D2.9 ENSEMBLE)

This deliverable provides a specification of the V2X security framework. It describes which measure should be applied to ensure trucks can communicate with each other in a secure and private way.

In ENSEMBLE, a new facilities layer protocol supporting the platooning application is developed. This makes use of already standardized lower layer protocols in ETSI TC ITS. The platooning protocol uses already available message types and signals, and where necessary new ones are introduced. The protocol logic for joining, platooning, and leaving has been derived from the use cases in deliverable D2.2 of ENSEMBLE. The available security framework for cooperative intelligent transport system (C-ITS) in Europe is used for signing and verifying messages to establish a trust domain. This deliverable develops and extends the already available security concept with the encryption of platoon application data using symmetric keys.

This is the first agreed version as an input and starting point for the development and testing of the platooning functionality within ENSEMBLE. Based on findings and learnings from those activities the specification will be updated accordingly.

By the time the document was finalized there exists an open issue of a clear description of a communication behaviour being missing, that could not be addressed in the development of that specification.


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