The Collaborator of the year at Lindholmen: Fredrik Sandblom, competence network leader at SAFER

Sep, 22 2022

We are very happy that once again a person in the SAFER community wins the honorable award The Collaborator of the Year. This year, Fredrik Sandblom, Zenseact, who leads the successful network for knowledge building in Safety assurance, got the award. In his research group, the members are in a scientific way looking into how self-driving vehicles can be proven to be safe on public roads.

The jury's nomination: Fredrik is an expert collaborator! He is a network leader focusing on how to make autonomous vehicles safe, an important step in the transition to a sustainable future. In this work he knows how to engage the right people and bring them together to think, talk and deliver. He makes other people grow and generously shares all his knowledge.

“I am very happy for the award! For me, collaboration is a special mindset, an attitude, to really be able to truly use all people's thoughts and knowledge; the ability to contribute by seeing different thoughts as a buffet, where everyone can give and take”, says Fredrik.

Magnus Granström, SAFER's director, comments:
"We are proud to have Fredrik working with us in the SAFER partnership. He contributes very well with his collaborative skills, as well as his scientific knowledge, in his leadership role with us. Congratulations Fredrik, really well deserved"! 

To be eligible for nomination, you should be a person or a team that “in an open and committed way has created the conditions for successful collaborations during the past year.” So the jury was looking for a person (or a team) committed to sharing their knowledge, offering their expertise for the benefit of others, and contributing to innovation, progress, and new opportunities. The other finalists were Mariya Melnyk & Lovisa Bohlin, ConnectWithUkraine and Thomas Asp, CLOSER.


Image: Lindholmen Science Park