Congratulations I Putu Alit Putra – our new SAFER Doctor!

Dec, 09 2022

Putra, Ph.D student at the Injury Prevention Group, Department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Division of Vehicle Safety at Chalmers University successfully defended his doctoral thesis "Occupant Neck Muscle Modelling in Rear-End Crashes", today, and we have yet another SAFER doctor in the community.

Putra’s research focuses on human body computational modeling, specifically in the field of active neck muscles modeling for the female occupant model. The goal of his thesis has been to develop validated neck muscles model for the female occupant model and to evaluate the effects of neck muscles contraction to the whiplash injury during rear-end car collision.

The opponent was Professor Duane Cronin, University of Waterloo, Canada and his main supervisors have been Prof Robert Thomson and  Johan Iraeus, Chalmers University. Prof. Mats Svensson, Chalmers University, was the examinator. Jolyon Carroll, Autoliv and our Research area director for Human Body Protection, handed over the golden SAFER hat at the event.

We wish Putra all the best in the future!

You can access the thesis here!