MicroVision – a new project aiming to promote sustainable and safe micromobility

Apr, 26 2024

The MicroVision project, recently added to SAFER’s portfolio, targets the enhancement of safety and sustainability in micromobility. With the rise in micromobility and the electrification of small vehicles, there is a promising shift towards sustainability. However, the increased usage of e-scooters in urban areas has also raised safety concerns.

The project aims to address these issues by leveraging cutting-edge image processing technology to develop a camera-based safety system. This system detects the driving status of other micromobilities in real-time using camera images and promptly alerts riders to potential hazards through visual and haptic cues.

The development process involves collecting and annotating image data for classification of micromobility objects, adapting state-of-the-art classifiers, gathering data for distance estimation, and integrating models into an embedded safety system for small electric vehicles.

Moreover, the system will provide data-based feedback to riders post-trip and will undergo rigorous lab testing before public demonstrations. The collected data and models will be made available to the public, aiming to support further research in the field.

Overall, the MicroVision system aims to improve the safety of micro-mobility riders by alerting them to potential hazards, thus allowing for better reaction time and enhancing overall road safety outside vehicles.


  • Project duration: September 1, 2023, to August 31, 2025 
  • Funding agency: Drive Sweden / VINNOVA 
  • Budget: 3.0 MSEK 
  • Partners: Autoliv Development AB and Chalmers University of Technology
  • Project leader: Da Wang, Autoliv