Welcome Azra Habibovic - SAFER's new Research Area Director for Road user behaviour

Azra works as a senior researcher at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and has a vast experience in research related to road user behavior. She has got a MSc in Electrical Engineering, 2006, Chalmers and a PhD in Vehicle Safety, 2012, also from Chalmers/SAFER. She is conducting research on how humans interact with vehicles, with emphasis on safety and user experience and what requirements it poses on solutions. Several of these projects are associated to SAFER.

Azra is familiar with the SAFER community; e.g. she wrote her doctoral thesis “Analyzing real-world data to promote development of active safety systems that reduce car-to-vulnerable road user accidents” in the SAFER environment. Also, Azra has been part of several SAFER projects and a broad network in the SAFER community is already established. Azra has also a large network in Sweden and abroad, both in industry and academia. She is regularly speaking at various events related to automated vehicles and is an author of newsletter, and blog, on automated vehicles, see e.g. https://omad.tech 

Azra looks forward to her new challenge:
" SAFER has already a strong position in the area of road user behavior and I believe that our future research will continue creating value both at the national and international level. I’m excited about the journey we have ahead of us and all opportunities that we can create together in this collaborative environment.”

Working as a Research Area Director (RAD) in the SAFER environment is a 20% role, leading the project portfolio within one of the research areas. The RAD has the task to lead and develop the Reference group with members from industry, university, institutes etc, who are performing and planning research in the research area. Main tasks are to chair, lead and develop the Reference group, pro-active lead and develop the project portfolio, consider the need for multi- disciplinary research based on the research area platform. Also, the RAD leads the road map development and stimulate cooperation among the SAFER partners active in the research areas through multi-disciplinary project. The RADs are members of the Scientific council and Management team at SAFER.

We welcome Azra to her new position!

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