Welcome back to SAFER after your summer holiday!

Aug, 15 2022

What a wonderful autumn we are enjoying; great weather and a new period of multidisciplinary traffic safety research is upcoming - we are looking forward to collaborate with you!

We hope you all had, or perhaps rather have, a fantastic summer. There are plenty of activities happening at SAFER during the autumn, we can almost say that we have a “post-pandemic effect”; we have probably never had so many physical seminars, dissertations, workshops and conferences scheduled during the same period. The focus during the rest of the year is to continue working on setting the cornerstones of our future research agenda – SAFER Stage 6 - and a continued work to stimulate project creation and knowledge exchange. Also, we will enjoy seeing each other again, finally! Seeing each other online is great, but co-creating and deep discussions, are probably more fruitful when we meet in person.

Welcome back to traffic safety research at SAFER!