Welcome to SAFER in 2023!

Jan, 05 2023

Welcome back to a new year of collaboration in traffic safety research – the final of our current stage, SAFER Stage 5! Hope you all had a nice and relaxing holiday. 

We would like to share some of the most important priority areas for SAFER in 2023:

  • Set a strong strategic research agenda for SAFER Stage 6.
  • Ensure continued focus on the ongoing projects, their results and support knowledge sharing.
  • Build strong consortia and project applications in the Horizon Europe calls 2023-2024.
  • Contribute to the Swedish partner involvement in the CCAM partnership with a focus on traffic safety.
  • Continue to learn from the recommendations from the UN conference in Stockholm 2020 and let the global Sustainable Development Goals guide and inspire our work.
  • Influencing the global traffic safety research agenda, e.g. the upcoming calls in the Horizon Europe framework programme through e.g. a strong presence in relevant working groups. 
  • Boost project creation and establishing a world class competitive portfolio by further developing the SAFER pre-study programme, support next steps, e.g. larger projects, but also to facilitating project creation, getting involved in relevant consortia and connecting with suitable competences to accomplish the SAFER research agenda.
  • Support the development of SAFER’s Human Body Model becoming available for others to use.
  • Update the networking environment at SAFER to make it even more useful and attractive for co-creation, meetings and interactions.
  • Safe System Principles: support the task force set up by Trafikverket and ensure that the SAFER platform is utilized in this work – and that the partners can benefit from the knowledge and findings.
  • Identify the next step in the use of AI as a tool for increased traffic safety.
  • Strong SAFER contribution to the Vision Zero conference in Stockholm in June.

We are looking forward to a new period of fruitful collaboration, interesting meetings and the creation of new, valuable knowledge!