1 November 2021–31 October 2025
Project manager
Ali Nouri

Assuring Safety for Rapid and Continuous Deployment for Autonomous Driving (ASSERTED)

The researchers will look into how safety argumentation of an AD system can be systematically and verifiably modelled for continuous function adaptation and deployment in the context of SOTIF, functional safety, cyber-security, and coming standard ISO TS 5083. Also, the research questions about what safety concepts and methodological instruments enable and support rapid continuous development and deployment by learning from field data that also work at scale of an automotive OEM, will be prioritized by the team.

A systematically survey for current scientific literature to identify possible methodologies that may be suitable to be applied for gradual functional development and deployment of safety-relevant systems will be conducted as a first step. For the identified methodologies, their applicability will be evaluated in a systematic way. Then selected methodological candidates from the literature study will be expanded to systematically analyze their potential for safety argumentation for gradual function development of safety-critical systems using in-situation case studies or experiments within the relevant industrial context. Finally, the research findings will be validated in an industrial setting to be able to evaluate the correctness and to some extent generalizability.

Short facts

Research area
Systems for accident prevention and AD
Volvo Cars
Chalmers University of Technology
Project type
SAFER connected project