Follow-up of road safety requirements when procuring freight transport

20 January 2022–31 May 2023
Project manager
Tania Dukic Willstrand

The project aims to improve road safety on the roads by creating a methodology for following up road safety requirements in the procurement of freight transport. Today's procurements, which include road safety, often contain developed and carefully defined requirements for road safety, such as sobriety requirements or requirements to comply with rules and laws that exist in the country where the transports take place. However, when it comes to following up on the requirement, it is often thin and deficient. One reason may be that there are difficulties in following up on these requirements. The difficulties can be, for example, technical or organizational. This project aims to identify these difficulties, categorize them and propose solutions to be able to follow up road safety requirements in procurement of freight transport. How can the requirements regarding road safety be followed up in a reliable way to ensure that the requirements are complied with?

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Research area
Safety performance evaluation
Volvo Group
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