Handbook of Road Safety Measures

1 January 1980–31 December 2023
Project manager
Alena Høye

The Handbook of Road Safety Measures summarizes international research on road safety. The main focus is to summarize results from crash studies, as far as possible by use of meta-analysis. The book contains measures on the areas: Road design and equipment, road maintenance, traffic control, vehicle design and protective devices, vehicle and garage inspection, driver training and regulation of professional drivers, public education and information, police enforcement and sanctions, post-accident care, and general-purpose policy instruments. A total of 142 measures are described in the current version of the book. For each measure an overview is given about the safety problem addressed and the aim of the measure, estimated effects on crashes are reported, and average costs and benefit-cost ratios are provided. The book is continuously updated by conducting new literatures reviews, including new studies in existing meta-analyses, and describing new safety measures.

Short facts

Research area
Systems for accident prevention and AD

Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Ministry of Transport and Communications


TØI - Institute of Transport Economics

Project type
SAFER connected project

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