Hövding data for risk estimation

5 April 2021–31 December 2022
Project manager
Viveca Wallqvist

With the help of data from Hövding helmets in traffic, the researchers intends to investigate the possibilities of predicting where, and when, accidents are likely to occur. By combining the data from accelerations and GPS information collected by connected Hövding helmets with other data sources such as weather, traffic and surface data, like friction or local topography, the team will also link the design of the infrastructure to the cyclists' accident risk estimation under various conditions.

The pre-study will show how Hövding as a safety system can contribute to the safe traffic environments of the future and also demonstrate how large amounts of data can be combined and made available through public databases. The project will be carried out by RISE and SAFER’s new partner Hövding. The project will be placed in the Safety performance evaluation research area.


Short facts

Research area
Safety performance evaluation
SAFER Pre-Studies Phase 5
Project type
SAFER Pre-study