Safety Culture For Automation In Transport Companies

Project manager
Christina Stave
2020-03-01 - 2021-03-31

This pre-study explores the safety culture in project/companies with autonomous vehicles in operation. Safety need to be acknowledged and exercised at all levels in a company. Since automated vehicles is a new and innovative area, the blank spots need to be identified and analyzed, otherwise the risks can be transferred to others in traffic and environments that are poorly suited for human work can unintentionally be created. The study includes interviews with project leaders, implementing autonomous vehicles and a workshop with experts to discuss and document different aspects of safety culture in traffic automation. The main results will be presented in a short and useful safety culture manual or guideline.

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Project title: Safety Culture For Automation In Transport Companies
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Road user behaviour

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There is an increasing automation in road transport, involving introduction of fully automated vehicles (AV) in some areas. Organizations that introduce automated vehicles need support on how to develop a sustainable safety culture with zero accidents.
Christina Stave
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