Project manager
Fredrik Warg
2021-01-01 - 2023-06-30

Safety lifecycle enabling continuous deployment for connected automated vehicles (SALIENCE4CAV) is a continuation of FUSE (Functional Safety and Evolvable architectures for autonomy) and ESPLANADE (Efficient and Safe Product Lines of Architectures eNabling Autonomous DrivE). The focus of the projects has been to support a safe implementation of self-driving vehicles and contribute to one of SAFER's main research questions - how to verify and validate assisted and automated systems in cooperation. This third project, which will start early 2021, will continue the work on how to ensure safety and how to use existing safety standards, e.g. ISO26262. The focus will be to enable iterative development for safety-critical products, that is, development of products and enabling of upgrades much more often.

WP2 Safety Assurance will focus on continuous safety cases, QRN risk assessment and quantitative safety cases as well as agreements between humans and driving automation. Safety Design is included in Work Package 3; frequency-based ODD, safety concept enabling CD and the use of field data, representation of ODDs and MRMs and safety for CAVs in a system of systems. Safety requirements for machine learning algorithms and aspects of object detection for ML is the focus in WP4, Safety of Machine Learning. Work Package 5 will handle research on variational safety across product-line and product lifecycle; e.g. formal specification of variational safety concepts as well as synthesis and analysis of safety variants and invariants.

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Project title: SALIENCE4CAV
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Systems for accident prevention and AD

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