Task Force - Hygiene procedures in test with research persons

Project manager
Arne Nåbo
2020-09-01 - 2020-12-31

The main concern for this task force is the health of research persons and test persons and own personnel in the use of driving simulators, VR studios, vehicles or similar test facilities. We all are aware of our corporate responsibility for the well-being and safety of all people in our activities. Now, under- and after the corona pandemic, health concerns are put in focus and we must take appropriate measures also in our research and testing activities. How can experiments involving test persons still be conducted sharing an enclosed cabin or VR equipment? What might standard safe hygiene procedures be? Will we have to require drivers to wear masks? How do we implement distancing while being in preparation or post-experiment interviews? We can all say that there will be a major impact on our procedures and most likely, we will have to deal with this for quite some time. Hygiene protocols for experiments involving test persons will be a concern for all organizations executing these activities, both in industry and academia. The result in terms of procedures and checklists will be implemented in the participating organizations internal processes in tests with research persons.

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Project title: Task Force - Hygiene procedures in test with research persons
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Road user behaviour

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Since the rapid outbreak and continued global spread of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in 2020, aspects of much of our day-to-day life in society has been impacted – our workplaces are no exception. Due to the
Arne Nåbo, Musa Hadi, Emma Johansson, Stas Krupenia, Annika Larsson, Arun Muthumani, Mikael Söderman
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