Address your traffic safety needs to the SAFER collaboration platform

Mar, 04 2024

We are excited to introduce a new initiative for our partners within SAFER Stage 6 - our increased focus on facilitation, aimed at even better addressing our partners’ traffic safety challenges.

Do you have a question, need, or challenge related to traffic safety knowledge-building? Whether it is seeking scientific insights, assistance in project facilitation, workshop arrangement, or finding funding opportunities, SAFER’s operational team is here to support you.

Simply describe your need briefly in this form, available through SAFER Inside, and we will tailor a plan using SAFER’s facilitation tools to kickstart activities.

Here are some examples of facilitation tools we have available in our toolbox:

- Arranging knowledge-building seminars

- Roundtable dialogues for state-of-the-art solutions

- Workshops for project creation

- Initiating new Working Groups

- Inviting external experts

- Gaining insights through expert meetings within the platform

- Utilizing existing knowledge in SAFER's knowledge bank

- Support during the project application phase

- Leveraging the SAFER Idea exploration program

- Organising study tours to partners or other sources of knowledge

- Addressing matters within different parts of the ecosystem

- Conducting demonstrations, e.g., utilizing a Connected Research Resource


We are looking forward to receiving your needs and let's work together to advance traffic safety research!


Best regards,

SAFER’s operational team