Anna Sjörs Dahlman and Niklas Strand - SAFER’s new Research area directors for Road user behavior

We are pleased to announce that we have two highly competent leaders for our research area Road user behavior; Anna Sjörs Dahlman and Niklas Strand.

Anna is a researcher at the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI). Her research includes primarily research on driver states, physiological monitoring in traffic situations and health in professional drivers and she possess experience in coordinating activities in EU-funded projects on vehicle automation. Anna is an Adjunct Associate Professor (docent) in physiological measurements, monitoring and analysis in the Biomedical Signals and Systems unit, at Chalmers University of Technology.

Earlier, Anna was working at the Institute of Stress Medicine at Region Västra Götaland. Her focus then was project management, planning and coordination of clinical research studies. For example, she conducted research on biological effects of stress. 

Anna is commenting on her new role:

“I look forward to further develop the road user behaviour research area at SAFER and to facilitate collaborations between partners. I hope that I can contribute with new perspectives based on my background in stress medicine and biomedical engineering and through my experience of performing research in many different contexts, including clinical, military, and occupational environments”.

Niklas Stand is a senior researcher at RISE and has a PhD in human - technology - design from Chalmers University of Technology. Niklas’ primarily research activities includes Human-machine interaction and Human Factors in the transport sector, with particular focus on the interaction between drivers and automated driving systems. Niklas has also experiences from national, European and international collaborations, often in interdisciplinary projects. ITS, preparatory behavior, as well as digitization and automation in the transport system are Niklas’ special interests.

Anna will take on the role as Research area director and will also be a member of SAFER's management team and Scientific committee. Niklas will be part of SAFER Core in the role of Co-director.

Important part of SAFER’s core activities
The Research area directors and the Co-directors have the task to lead and develop the Reference group with members from industry, university, institutes etc, who are performing and planning research in the research area. Their main tasks are to chair the group, pro-active lead and develop the project portfolio, considers the need for multi- disciplinary research based on the research area platform. Also, the Research area directors leads the road map development and stimulate cooperation among the SAFER partners active in the research areas through multi-disciplinary project.

We welcome Anna and Niklas to their roles at SAFER and thank Azra Habibovic for her engagement and contribution in her previous role as leader for SAFER’s road user behaviour research!

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