Anna Sjörs Dahlman starts as Co-Research Area Director for Road user behaviour at SAFER

SAFER's project portfolio is divided in four different areas, representing world-class, multi-disciplinary research – all with the single-minded vision to save lives, prevent injuries and enable safe mobility. They are also the open research arena where our partners meet and identify key issues to initiate new research based on real-world needs. Each Research area is led by a director together with a co-driver. We are pleased to announce that Anna Sjörs Dahlman, VTI, will lead the research area Road user behaviour, together with Azra Habibovic. Anna takes over from Niklas Strand who has changed position.

Anna comments on her new assignment:

“I look forward to working with facilitation of collaborations in the road user behaviour research area and to find new ways of networking during the Covid19 pandemic. I hope that I can contribute with my background in biomedical engineering and especially physiological monitoring of driver states”.

Important part of SAFER’s core activities
The Research area directors and the Co-directors have the task to lead and develop the Reference group with members from industry, university, institutes etc, who are performing and planning research in the research area. Their main tasks are to chair the group, pro-active lead and develop the project portfolio, considers the need for multi- disciplinary research based on the research area platform. Also, the Research area directors leads the road map development and stimulate cooperation among the SAFER partners active in the research areas through multi-disciplinary project.

We welcome Anna to her role at SAFER and thank Niklas Strand for his engagement and contribution in his previous role!

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