Arriver – a new SAFER partner will contribute to a safer transport system

Mar, 10 2023

SAFER is growing even more! At today’s SAFER partner meeting another new partner, who will contribute to our endeavor that everyone should be able to travel safely in the mobility system, has been welcomed to the partnership.

Arriver is a software brand, focusing on active safety and perception systems for vehicles, with developing the real-world standard in safe mobility, building on their heritage from Autoliv and Veoneer. The company works on the full range from road user behavior through to vehicle system logic and perception. Arriver has in-house development of collision avoidance, cruising and perception systems for cars. Furthermore, the new partner has extensive contacts in telecom, and aims to bring in additional V2X knowledge into SAFER.

“Arriver has useful expertise in several areas to support the SAFER partnership research agenda. How personalised driving can be utilised for safety is an interesting research question to jointly study within SAFER, here. We welcome Arriver to SAFER and look forward to collaborative knowledge building in road safety”, says Magnus Granström, director at SAFER.

Other research questions Arriver intends to bring to SAFER are, for example, how V2X can be incorporated to build a safe transport system and how to make sure use cases provide benefits to all road users.

Arriver enters the SAFER partnership at level 2 and you are welcome to learn more about Arriver and how they aim to contribute to the partnership at the Thursday lunch seminar May 25, 11:30-12:45.