Call for Presentations: Systems, Software and Safety 2021

Are you interested in Functional safety and have interesting knowledge to share? Then this is for you - join the upcoming Scandinavian Conference on Safety Critical Systems and Software with your presentation!

System and software safety in electronic systems is becoming increasingly important in many industries and in critical societal infrastructure. The systems become ever more complex, connected and autonomous and the software continues to grow. This poses many challenges even for mature organizations, requiring approaches that go beyond established best practices. Many organizations face the same kind of challenges and thus sharing of experiences becomes essential.


The Scandinavian conference on safety critical systems and software has become a central meeting place for Scandinavian safety experts from industry, public and academic organizations. The conference is an opportunity to share experiences and make new contacts. There will be a plenary overview day, and a second day with parallel sessions. The parallel sessions will be in depth workshops and tutorials about different challenges, techniques, standards and methods. As for the previous years, we anticipate a healthy mixture of participants with presentations from different industries and academia.


Areas of special interest:

  • Functional safety
  • Artificial intelligence and safety
  • Agile safety cases
  • Design and architecture of hardware to ensure safety
  • The relationship between safety and security
  • Safety for vehicle automation
  • Safety and quality assurance
  • Safety of the intended functionality (SOTIF)

You are invited to propose presentations or workshop at
The call for presentations ends April 23, 2021

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