Pre-studies on emerging or entirely new topics and strategic areas are needed to develop SAFER according to partner needs. Funding will proactively stimulate project generation to maximize the benefits of our multi-disciplinary platform and obtain a broad commitment, both between partners and within research areas. The funding is for getting started with strategic knowledge creation that can be leveraged e.g. by using the unique, new competence as a basis for national funding or an entry ticket to prestigious international collaborations. We also welcome proposals that are of a different nature, for instance for finalization of publications from a completed project or investigation of a new area. 

Simply put, projects that lead SAFER forward and contribute to the continued development of our joint collaboration platform.

The time schedule for this calls is:

  • February 8: Research area day – dialogue about ideas within the Reference groups (recommended).
  • Until February 28: Fill in the pre-study application and submit here:
  • March 4: The Scientific Council (research area directors and part of the SAFER management team) evaluates and ranks all pre-study applications.
  • March 11: The SAFER Board decides about funding. 
  • Mid March: Decision Letters are sent out.
  • Start reports and final reports are due one month after projects start resp. end date.

Link to complete information in Webforum here: SAFER Pre-Studies Stage V Templates&Process - SAFER - Project Portal (

If you need access, please contact ines.heinig [at]

Welcome with your application!

Safer – Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre

SAFER is the open research arena where researchers and expertise work together to create safe mobility. Our traffic safety approach covers people, vehicles and the infrastructure – and together we contribute to safer road transports and smarter, more sustainable cities.

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