Car Passenger Protection – To the Next Level

The development of SAFER's human body model and knowledge building in the field of biomechanics and human body protection continues through the start-up of the latest project Car Passenger Protection - To the Next Level.

Car passenger protection is complex due to the diverse population and increased car automation and shared mobility, e.g. with new seat positions, seating configurations and car usage. Passengers, not engaged in driving, have a large freedom to change postures. With the purpose to enhance protection of the diverse population in a variation of sitting postures, seat positions and seating configurations in case of a crash, the overall objective is to create new knowledge and develop assessment tools and evaluation methods for real-world seatbelt interactions for car passengers, children from 4 years of age to old adults. The project is essential for the SAFER’s HBM platform as well as being the platform for child occupant protection.

Real world crash data studies and morphing method development
Belt use, its position and function during a collision for car passengers in different sizes and seating positions are in focus in this project. The research will be carried out through observational studies and tests of how different passengers sit in cars, development and use of virtual human body models in different sizes, ages and genders, as well as international cooperation and close work with industrial applications. The two doctoral students will develop a family of human models and generate new research on passenger seating and activities and its interaction to crash safety. Through publications and interaction with international researchers, the project will contribute to Sweden's leading position in road safety research, specifically with state-of-the-art research, including the link between human factors and injury protection in vehicle crashes.

Research topics    
The overall aim of the project is to create new knowledge and develop assessment tools and methods for real-world shoulder- and lap-belt interaction for car passengers, aged 4 and older, to enhance protection of the heterogenous population in a variety of sitting postures, seat positions and seating configurations in case of a crash. The following research topics and combinations of them, are focused:
•    The self-selected sitting postures and effects; beltfit and comfort.
•    Beltfit and challenges in the mobility trends and increased variety of postures and seat positions.
•    Family of adult HBMs and their capability to represent a range of the heterogenous population.
•    State-of-the-art HBMs and ATDs to evaluate protection principles and restraint interactions.

The project, which is associated, is placed in the Human Body Protection portfolio. The project started in November 2020 and will continue until October 2023. The SAFER partners in the project are Autoliv, Chalmers and Volvo Cars. Lotta Jakobsson, Volvo Cars is the project leader. 


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