Charlotta Uddh and Devansh Mehta new competence network leaders for System Safety at SAFER

May, 03 2022

We are pleased to announce that we have two new leaders for our competence network for System Safety; Charlotta Uddh, Volvo Group, and Devansh Mehta, Knightec.

“We are very pleased with the recruitment for the role of network leaders for this area. They both have long and valuable experience of functional safety in different contexts. In addition, they are both very interested in building knowledge together with others and arranging stimulating activities in collaboration with the researchers within SAFER's partnership ", says Magnus Granström, SAFER's director.

Charlotta currently works as Electrical Safety Manager at Volvo Penta with the responsibility to coordinate, coach and support organisations towards compliance and a good electrical safety level. She has also tasks related to product safety and operational development. 
Earlier she has been working as acting Director at Product Safety at Volvo GTT.

Charlotta comments on her new role in the SAFER community:

“I’m excited about the position, the possibility to contribute to safety by connecting persons and research areas. I am looking forward to seeing how people in the network could grow, learn and develop by using each others’ knowledge and increase the level of system safety in our organisations. 
Devansh is working as Safety Manager at Knightec, where he is leading the functional safety team’s projects towards various customers as well as in-house competence development across industries. His specialty is in mentoring teams and organisations to effectively implement the latest standards and best practices in the areas of system safety, system engineering, cybersecurity and similar proactive quality assurance.

Devansh is also looking forward to the leadership, jointly with Charlotta:

“I look forward to contributing to this valuable network by finding ways to make the network thrive. I aim to bring fresh perspectives to our questions and help discover possible solutions from outside the transportation industry, such as medical technology, aerospace and industrial robotics”.

The area of system safety/functional safety is becoming increasingly more important for SAFER as the mobility system becomes more and more complex. This is both in the context of automation and other aspects, i.e. risks related to malfunctioning systems and components of various technologies.

SAFER’s competence network – fundamental for strong knowledge building
Within SAFER, there are several competence networks containing an abundance of knowledge and know-how. These networks are also key for the vital, cross-disciplinary research conducted at SAFER. The purpose of the networks is to build knowledge, starting up projects and to help and inspire each other, for example through:

  • sharing news, exciting new research and joint challenges that need to be addressed.
  • discuss various challenges within the specific area and share competence.
  • keeping track of open calls and facilitating the formation of joint research projects. 
  • inviting external experts and spreading information about interesting talks.
  • helping each other keep track of the research frontier by reading and presenting interesting research papers.